Thursday, 24 March 2011

Day 2/3 - 300/400

Yesterday i went to gregs with my friends for lunch, i had a sandwich which was 420 cals and i went over by 120 so today i only allowed myself 280kcals.
sultana bran - 187
mini baby bell -  70
vimto - 3

Today i went in college on my day off becuase 1. i have ALOT of work to do, i need to hand in all my work on April 1 which is next friday and 2. becuase its really easy for me not to eat in college since im not thinking about food all the time.


  1. Can you give me some advice? I would like to know how you eat so little calories? Do you plan a head? Or do you just see how the day goes? (I'm sorry for my crappy English)

  2. i dont usually plan what im going to eat but i always have brekfast and then i try not to have anything else until i get home from college.