Monday, 28 March 2011

Back To The Start

so i started the skinny girl diet again today, i didn't have a really bad binge or anything but i haven't been sticking to the diet, i've never gone over 800-1000 but i've been over by a few hundred kcals every day since Thursday, so since i technically only got to the third day and its Monday i decided to start it again and do it properly.
Day 1 - 400
bananna: 100
chilli bean soup: 256    
total: 356 


i've been wanting to buy some scales since last week but i kinda of put it off because i thought i would have gained since the last time i weighted myself (which is when i was restricting) and i guessed right because i'm 208 and the last time i weighted myself i was 205 its not that bad seeing as i've been eating whatever i wanted for a while now but its still disappointing, hopefully ill be back down to 205 soon. 

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Day 2/3 - 300/400

Yesterday i went to gregs with my friends for lunch, i had a sandwich which was 420 cals and i went over by 120 so today i only allowed myself 280kcals.
sultana bran - 187
mini baby bell -  70
vimto - 3

Today i went in college on my day off becuase 1. i have ALOT of work to do, i need to hand in all my work on April 1 which is next friday and 2. becuase its really easy for me not to eat in college since im not thinking about food all the time.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Day 1 - 400

Food intake:

ready salted crisp - 187
shreddies cereal - 209
vimto -  3

kcals: 396

I did 50 sit ups this morinig which doesnt seem like much but the only exercise ive done recently is walking to and from college. i should of done 50 more before i went to sleep but my body clock is so messed up from staying up so late on weekend (on my computer), that i fell asleep as soon as i got home.

Monday, 21 March 2011

First Blog

Hi my name is Victoria and i'm 17 years old and a few months ago when i started college i started restricting what i was eating and i lost 20lbs but then i lost my motivation and stopped restricting. last week my class went to and open day to find out about different uni's and i started thinking i really don't want to go to uni at the weight i am now, i'm in my first year of college so i have a lot of time before i even apply but i've always left everything to last minute, like i wanted to be thin for college but that didn't happen and i don't want that to happen again so i decided to start restricting again and i'm going to start the skinny girl diet.